Create a base schedule/task rotation

There are two ways to create a  base schedule/task rotation. One is via the tab Shiftplan. The second is via the tab base schedule/task rotation, which we show here.

There are two ways to create a  base schedule/task rotation. One is via the tab Shiftplan. The second is via the tab base schedule/Task rotation, which we show here.

Press Planning in the menu, and then select base schedule/Task rotation.

Start by pressing New+ and then rename your base schedule/task rotation under Description.

Click on New Week until you have as many weeks as you want your task rotation to roll on. If you get too many weeks, you can delete them by pressing the small red cross on the right, under the heading Time in the table.

Double-click on the first day to be scheduled. Select which shift you want to use from the drop-down list under Work shift. Click on the shift and then on OK..

If you are going to use the same shift for several days in the basic timetable, select the shift by clicking on it, holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and clicking on the day on which you want to use the shift.

Repeat the above steps until you have a task rotation that matches the weekly working hours of the employee. If there is an error, you can select the shift that is incorrect and press the DELETE button to delete it.

Timeplan  will let you know if you violate the Working Hours Act. It is important to schedule so that all checkmarks under the heading Working Hours Acts are green. Timeplan  will never prevent you from rolling out a task rotation, which does not comply with the Working Hours Acts.

Now it is time to link employees to the task rotation. Save your basic timetable, then click on Add person. Then there will be a list of employees who can work at the cost centre for which the task rotation is created.

Click on the employee you want to link to the task rotation. Then a box will appear where you can choose which start week should be the first week for that employee. Also select which start date the task rotation should start rolling. If the basic task rotation is to apply until further notice, leave End date blank. Press OK.

If more than one employee is to use the same task rotation, repeat the above steps, but you can also select a different start week so that these two, or more, employees overlap.

There is also a function called Shift plans where you can add several Task rotation at the same time.