Cost centres/Deprtment can be placed on equal footing with departments or areas within an enterprise.

In Timeplan these are used to sort personnel into groups and make it easier to review and control who works where, what the schedule looks like, whether the demand is covered and what the costs of each department look like. All staff are associated with at least one cost centre and cannot be put on the schedule of cost centres they are not associated with.

To set up or adjust cost centres, press the tab Administration, Organisation and then select Cost centre/Department from the menu. You will then get a list of all active cost centres. If you also want to see inactive cost centres, put a checkmark in the box.

If you want to add new cost centres, click on New+, in the top left corner.

You can then choose a name for the cost centre (e.g. Administration) and an abbreviation that will appear in the web app. You can also choose the colour of the cost centre from the drop-down menu. It is recommended not to choose black or red tones as important text might disappear. Once you are satisfied with your choices, press Save.