Generate payroll files in Timeplan

Log in to your company's Timeplan page and click on Payroll in the left menu and then on Pay periods. To create a new pay period, press +New.

Salary period 1

Select a name and the date period to which the base for pay should apply. Click on Save to create the period. You have now created a date range for the current pay period.

Salary period 2

The next step is to check the period for any errors that might cause problems when running payroll against an external system. You can see under Status that for Company B this period has not been checked for errors yet. Press the Check Period button to perform the check.

Payroll 3

If there are no errors in the pay period

If Timeplan does not find any errors in the pay period, the status will change to Checked and you will be given the option to lock the checked period.

payroll 4

Once the period has been checked, you get the option to create a payroll file. If you need to make any adjustments before the period is sent to payroll, you can unlock the file again. If you unlock it and make changes, you have to check the period again before you can re-lock it.

After pressing Create Payroll File, Timeplan will generate a .zip file that will be saved in the location where your downloaded files are usually saved. The file contains one or more documents that you need to unzip or copy to your regular payroll file folder before you can upload them to your payroll program. If you need to make changes in the pay period later, press Unlock Period and make changes. Once you are ready, you can lock the file and check it again.


If there are errors in the pay period

If there are errors in the pay period, Timeplan will warn of this by changing the status to Checked, contains errors.


You can find out what errors the period contains by clicking on the blue link at which a report with current errors will open and you can go back to the system and correct them.

Once you have fixed all the errors you want, you can press on Check Again to get an updated status.

Timeplan  will never prevent you from generating a payroll file with errors in it because fixing the errors found by Timeplan is voluntary. However, we recommend that you rectify any errors in order to avoid problems when running payroll.

If you choose to lock a pay period that contains errors, it will appear under Status.

To generate a payroll file, follow the manual instructions above.


  1. How do I delete pay periods?
  2. You can only delete pay periods in chronological order because Timeplan  assumes that the subsequent payroll files have been sent to the payroll program. The Radera (Delete) option will appear to the right of New on the pay period that you can delete. Timeplan reads the date period for the pay period and determines which pay period you can delete or not. We never recommend deleting old pay periods as this can cause major problems. If you want to hide previous pay periods, you can do so by checking or unchecking Show All Pay Periods.
    1. How to unpack a .zip file?
      1. The easiest way to process a .zip file is to open it and either select all files and cut them (ctrl + x) or copy them (ctrl + c), then open the folder in which you save your payroll files and paste.
      2. Or you can open the .zip file, mark all files and select Extract All/Extrahera Alla, then click on the folder where you want to save your files.


    1. In what order should I upload the files to my payroll system?
      1. Timeplan will generate a .zip file containing your payroll files and the order in which they will be uploaded to payroll depends on your salary program. Contact your payroll program support to find out what applies to your particular program.