Manual settings on tasks

In Timeplan there is an option to make manual changes such as break, cost and changes to agreements in a work shift if you do not want the employee's agreement to govern which is the case if no manual changes are made to the work shift

Settings can be made at different places in Timeplan, for example Staf -employee's name- Time rec. and balances or via Planning - Weekly overview or in the work shift in -Planning -Work shift, which is then used to create the basic schedules and needs templates

Time rec. and balances

Settings on -Time rec. and balances are made when you click on the staff tab and search for the employee using their name or employment number.

Click on the sub-tab Time rec. and balances and select the date on which you want to change the work shift settings.

Double-click on the work shift to open it. Clicking on the arrows/drop-down menus will give you different options for changing settings. Make your choices and click Save.

Planning -Weekly Overview

Settings can also be made via the tab Planning–weekly overview by double-clicking on the top box of the day and person where you want to make changes.

Planning - Tasks

Under the tab -Planning and tasks, you create the tasks in which you can then set up the tasks of your employees. The work shifts are mainly used for creating task rotations and manual changes that lie on these shifts are applied to all task rotations for all people who use that particular shift.

Shifts with manual changes need to have a name to indicate this. For example, Mornings shift without break if a break is deselected for the shift.

Note! If you have made manual changes through Planning -Tasks, these changes will apply each time an employee goes on this work shift.

You can easily see if there is any manual change to a shift by going to Staff - Employee -Time rec. and balances. If the hours of the work shift are in italics, this means that manual changes have been made. 

Delete manual settings from a task

If you want to reset the manual settings in a shift, you can easily do so by adding – (dash) to all selections. If there are dashes for breaks, cost deductions and collective bargaining agreements, the employee's agreement will govern the counting of the day based on the work shift and time recording.

ALL manual changes ALWAYS override the basic information.