Publish schedules

Publish Work Sessions – Manually and Automatically The staff schedule is displayed in the staff folder. The time period of the schedule displayed is chosen by the customer through automatic and manual settings.

Automatic Publishing

An automatic limit for how far ahead a schedule should be displayed is always set. This setting applies to the entire database and is adjusted at system level by the support department when setting up the Timeplan. Generally, this time interval is often two weeks. The automatic limit means that for every day that passes, an additional day is published so that everyone can see, for example, two weeks of their schedule. This setting is a system setting and applies to all companies in your database. It can be changed if you agree.

Manual Publishing

In addition, it is possible manually to publish work sessions longer than the system setting limit (which in the example above is two weeks) for individual cost centres via the Planning-Publish schedules tab. Then enter a fixed date for how far ahead you want to publish the work sessions. This publication is locked to this single date and as the days go by, another day of the schedule is not published but the schedule is displayed until the fixed date falls within the range of the system setting (two weeks) and then the publication works automatically again.