Replace an employee's task rotation

How to replace an employee's task rotation in Timeplan

In case of workforce restructuring, old task rotation may need to be replaced with new ones, employees may need to switch schedules with each other, and some employees may terminate their employment completely. You can easily make all these changes in Schemaplaneraren (Schedule Planner) in Timeplan. 

If all ongoing schedules for staff whose schedules are to be replaced are in one and the same schedule plan, you can use this plan and you can go to step X below. If a schedule is missing in Shift plans, a new one must be created of the task rotation that are already in use.

If you do not know which task rotation your employees have to change, you can see this under -Staff - Employee's -Task rotation and periods. Here you can see the task rotation the employee is currently on and also their task rotation in previous periods. 
Go to -Planning - Shiftplans and to File, and press +New. Then choose which cost centres the employees work at and will work at. Press Create.

Then it is time to choose which schedules and people should be included in the schedule change. By pressing +Task rotation and Add on, you can select the schedules you need. 

 If you need to create a brand-new task rotation, press +Add new. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to create new basic schedules in Schemaplaneraren (Schedule Planner).

Then add the number of people you need on the rows in your schedule. If you need a copy of a schedule, for example, when one employee is replacing another, press the three dots in front of the person to be replaced and select Add person in order to create a new schedule row, copying the shift. 

Deploy all staff and select the correct start date and week. Remember that two people who are scheduled to work completely in parallel should also have weeks that follow each other. This means that these two people can have different start weeks if they have different start dates on their schedule. 

If an employee is to terminate their employment or their schedule alone, it is possible to enter an end date on their schedule row by filling in the date in the white field after the start date.

Employees to whom you do not want to make any changes or whom you want to remove from the schedule planner can be removed by pressing the three dots in front of the employee's name, and then selecting Remove person.

When the schedule contains the changes you want, publish it according to the standard schedule planner procedure.