Staff -contract

Now the person must be linked to an agreement and this is done under Employment agreements.

Here, you select which collective agreement the employee should be linked to. This is done in the subheading Employment agreements. It is important to choose the right agreement in order for the time to be calculated correctly. Read through the agreements you can choose from by holding down the drop-down menu for collective agreements, considering which one is most similar to the agreement you physically signed with the employee.

If the agreement name contains the word “Mon”, this means that this is an agreement for employees who receive a fixed monthly salary. If it says “Tim” in the agreement name, this means that the employee is permanently employed for a certain number of hours but is paid hourly, not a lump sum monthly. If an employee has a permanent employment, it is important that you fill in the number of hours the employee will work each week in the box Weekly working hours. Weekly working hours are then used as basis for all time calculations in the system. All employees must be linked to at least one Cost centre and you can add or remove cost centres by pressing Add/Remove.