Staff - Reports

In Timeplan there are a number of employee reports that you can take out, e.g. Employment rating and personnel report

It is important that the employee's personal data is properly entered into the system. The company's details must also be filled in under Administration – Organization – Company, as these details are then printed in the various employee reports.

You can find these reports via the Staff tab in the left menu. Click on the employee you wish to issue a report for. Under Reports in the submenu on the left, you will find most of these reports. In here you have a drop-down menu under "type of reports".



Select certificate from the drop-down menu.

Write the assessment regarding the employee in the box for Assessment. If you want the number of days worked to be visible in the grade, check the box for Show number of days. If you want a name clarification under the line for your signature, write your name under Signature. Then click Print.

Employee report

A Personal report shows the data registered in the Personnel data and Supplementary data tab.

Select Personal Report from the drop-down menu and click Print.