Status -On duty

Attendance list. The current status is displayed here and replaces the green book (HRF).

Here, it is possible to see which persons are registered, which have a timetable and should have clocked in, and which are absent with absence code. The list can be printed in the event of a verification visit from the Swedish Tax Agency and it is therefore important for everyone to clock in. In case of a visit by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skriv ut kontrollrapport (Print inspection report) must be used in order to include all those who have clocked in, including those who have clocked in on previous days.

  • Green – Clocked in and currently working
  • Red – Has work shift right now but has not clocked in
  • Yellow – Has work shift but has a valid absence code
  • Grey - Work shifts are available during the day but not right now

If you have a lot of temporary personnel, it may be useful to use the Self-registration add-on module where the employee can register in the time stamp terminal without first being posted in Timeplan.