Planning requirement

Working with planning requirement means that you identify your need for shifts and by specifying which days you need these shifts, gyou can get help to see that your need is met. Planning requirement can be used as individual scheduling or as a supplement to scheduling with a base schedule.

Start by checking that you have created all the shifts that you need for your scheduling. If you don't know how to create shift, you can read about it here!

Analyse your needs and which templates you need. In our case, we need three requirement, one for normal inflow on weekdays, one for higher inflow on weekdays and one for normal inflow on weekends.
To create a requirements template go to Planning – Requirements templates and select +New.
1. Name your requirements template
2. Choose a color for the template
3. Choose which and how many shifts are needed for your needs on a day for which the template is to be used.
4. After that press Save

Repeat until you have created all the templates you need. By clicking on Planning - Requirements templates in the menu, you can see all the templates you have created.

By going to Planning - Requirements template overview, you can then choose which days you wish to post your requirements templates and get help with planning in the Daily or Weekly overview. You can choose to post just one needs template for a single day or for several days in a row.

To add a demand template for a single day, select the template you want in the list of Demand templates and click them on the day or days you want in the overview image. If you want to delete, select -None- in the list of demand templates and click on the days you want to delete.

If you wish to publish one or more requirements templates so that these roll over a period, this is not a problem. Then click on the Add several days button and this function will open. Enter the start and end time for the period the templates are to be posted. Then select templates using the drop-down menu for Monday-Sunday and then press Add. The requirements templates are now being rolled out.

Under Settings, at the bottom right of the overview, you can choose to set whether and how much Timeplan can approve a work shift that deviates from the length or start of the demand shift as added according to the demand template. In this case, I insert a deviation which means that work shifts that start up to an hour before the work shift according to the needs template are approved. Remember to save the entered deviation by pressing the small floppy disk symbol.
Start deviation means that we approve a different time regarding the start of the work shift. Be careful not to approve too broad a span here, then we lose the basic function of requirements templates - to check that the need is covered. We recommend a span of no more than 60 minutes for both time before and after the start of the work shift.
Example: If you have a work assignment that absolutely must be staffed between 8-15 and therefore choose to enter the work shift 8-15 in your requirements template, you can enter the start deviation -01:00 and +00:00, which means that the requirement is considered to be added if you already have an employee who is scheduled on a work shift where the work shift deviates from that in the requirements template in this way 7-15, 7:30-15 or even 7:45-15.
The same applies to length deviation, and here too you must think through how large a span you can approve.
From here you continue to work in Planning – Weekly overview. Start by picking it up and going into Settings and making sure you have the options Show demand templates and Show unmanned shifts checked. How to make a setting in the weekly overview can be found in the instruction for the Weekly overview in our Help Center. Here is the guide for the weekly overview.

Timeplan will now check which shifts of those found in the requirements templates are added on the respective day. The shifts not added by shifts rolled out by basic schedule or manual shifts will be added as Unmanned work shifts. These passports can then be added directly to the employees or sent out as passport requests. In the weekly overview, you can also easily see which of the added work shifts are not included in the requirements template, these are marked with a small white corner. If you drag the mouse pointer over the passport, an information box about this will also appear.

To read about adding the pass directly, read our weekly overview article on our Help Center. To send a pass request for an unmanned work pass, there are instructions on this in our manual for the app for administrators